Leo Jansen

Please,Touch explores themes of sexuality, equality, intimacy, and photography theory.

Male giraffes perform a ritual called “necking” where they caress each other’s bodies with their necks. If an ovulating female giraffe is present, the two males swing their heads into one another, showing dominance, the winner mounting the female. However, sometimes the necking ritual becomes so stimulating for the male giraffes that often they will forgo sex with the female and finish with each other instead.

Unfortunately it is still taboo to see members of the LGBT community being intimate. My images and the process for viewing them encourage and illustrate the need for touch and acceptance.

Stereographs are a tactile medium. The viewer becomes intimate with the apparatus by putting the stereograph into the stereoscope and holding the stereoscope to their face to experience the stereograph’s 3D qualities. This “new point of view” is meant to inspire equality for all lovers and for viewers to ruminate on their own beliefs.

The larger image is a visual stereograph. The viewer must cross their eyes to see the 3D effect. Some viewers will inherently not be able to see this “point of view”.